Thaitails Convention’s judgement is final.

Rule 1

  • This rule will override any other rules of the convention. Any action or behavior that causes discomfort to any individuals (such as attendees, convention staffs, etc.), causes damage to the venue’s property, or creates interference with any venue worker may result in a permanent ban from the convention.

Short Version

  • Be a human. Be respectful. Have common sense. 

  • Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable in the convention. 

  • Don’t do anything stupid that you cannot be responsible for the damage.

General Rules

  • Treat others respectfully.

  • ‘No’ means no. If you do not listen, you will have to leave the convention.

  • If you want to touch, hug, or do any kind of physical interaction, please ask first.
    Any physical interaction without consent or permission will not be tolerated.

  • Appropriate and respectful behavior is expected.

  • You will be responsible for any damage you have caused.

  • All attendees should wear their badges at all times and must not be shared with other attendees.

  • Violence and/or thievery will not be tolerated.

Minor Rule

  • Anyone who is younger than 13 years old must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.

  • Guest who are 10 years old or older is required to register before entry into the convention.

Clothing and Decency

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Nudity and suggestive clothing is not appropriate. Anyone found to be violating this rule will be asked to leave the convention.

  • No adult-themed materials are allowed inside the convention at all times. Decision upon whether an item is adult-themed or not will be final by the convention staff.

  • Any sign, symbol or clothing that represents or is commonly known to be associated with a certain belief, organization, or political ideology likely to offend other guests is not permitted.

Alcohol and other drugs

  • No beverages with alcohol are allowed in the convention.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the convention.

  • Any individual who is found to possess any illegal drug will be arrested, handed over to the police, and banned from the convention.

  • It is illegal to give alcohol to person with the age under 20. Thaitails staff does not condone any activities that are against the law and will act appropriately if found.

Photography and recording video

  • Photography and video filming is allowed in general.

  • Photography and video filming in some areas are prohibited. The organizer of that event’s area will inform you if it is allowed or not.

  • Ask for permission if you want to take photos and videos of any individual. If they say “no”, please don’t take their photos or videos even if they are not the main subject of your photos or videos.

  • If any individual comes up to the staff and reports you of taking their photos or videos, we have the right to delete your photos or videos and you will be asked to leave the convention.

Weapons Policy

  • Actual weapons will not be allowed inside of the convention.

  • All items that could be a weapon must be approved by the convention staff first, including replicas.

  • Replicas are allowed as part of a costume and should be used for that purpose only.

Pet Policy

  • No pets are allowed in the convention.

  • Service animals are allowed in accordance with the law.

Inspired by the ConFuzzled UK Code of Conduct