ThaiTails 2020

Siam Sawasdee


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To all friends who wish to attend the Thaitales convention,

            As we all have know, the world is now facing a pandemic that will have long-lasting consequences regarding how the world will hold large events or gatherings in the future. The Thaitails staff have been closely monitoring how the governments, both nationally and internationally, are handling the situation and also regarding the state of traveling and holding events. Our previous announcement regarding Thaitails 2020 was an announcement of postponing the conventions to 29th-30th August 4, 2020. We would like to let everyone know that we are constantly trying to coming up with ideas and measurement on how to hold the event as smoothly and safely as possible, which made it more difficult as we have to regard the policies and laws changed from our government alongside with changes other countries. Our goal is to hold a convention that tries to entertain our attendees with the utmost safety for their health. Thus, we have some hope that toward the postponed date the pandemics would slow down and we will have a better idea and understanding on the changes we need to make for the convention.


            With the passing of time, more researches have come out regarding COVID-19, however, due to the
unpredictable nature of a pandemic (such as if the control measurement of the country is not strict enough causing
a second wave of infection to occurs), the Thaitails staff have to first prioritized the health and safety of our attendees,
hotel staffs, con staff and the public in general. In conclusion, we would like announce that we are officially
cancelling Thaitails 2020 convention.


            The Thaitails staff would like to deeply apologize for any problems that may arises from our cancellation. We are aware that this cancellation will affect many people, both locally and globally regarding your traveling/accommodation plans during the postponed date. We will gladly try to help resolve any issues, which is directly related to Thaitails 2020 as much as possible. A list of possible frequently ask questions are written down below.

Regarding registrations ticket: What will happen with the current registration ticket? 

All of the current registration tickets will automatically be deferred to next year. However, we also provide other options for the cancellation of our registration tickets. Please remind that you'll need to submit a form through the link below to either refunds or donate the ticket within 30 June 2020

  1. Refunds
    A full refund will be provided with a small deduction from refund process fee  

  2. Donation of the membership costs to Thaitails
    This option is for people who would like to donate their ticket registration fee toward supporting our convention.
    We would like to thank everyone who has selected this option. Your help in supporting the convention is greatly appreciated. A small appreciation gift will be given to you if you decide to attend our convention next year.

Regarding hotel room booking. How can I refund hotel room?

For any attendee who reserves the hotel room via Thaitail Convention website. Your room will be automatically canceled with no additional fee. However, others who reserved the room through other website, here are some guideline

  • For members who directly reserve their room directly with Arnoma Grand Hotel. You can directly cancel your registration with the hotel. Please contact the hotel directly the information provided below: Hotel contact information: Tel. +66-2655-5555

  • For members who reserve your room via other channels (ex. Agoda, we recommend that you contact their customer support channel directly and ask them about the refund process. Most of the booking sites are really understanding during this difficult situation and should provide you with information on the refund process. 

 However, we cannot guarantee that this method will provide a fully refund due the different policies of each 

Regarding about plane ticket refund

As the Thaitails staff are not in any direct contact with the airlines. We would like to suggest the members to directly contact the airline or travel agency that they booked their travel ticket and ask them about the refund process

I am interest to donate the registration fee but I would like to refund After party ticket. What should I do? 

Unfortunately, we cannot separate the fee between registration ticket and the after party ticket. Based on the previous answer about registrations ticket cancellation you can either donate your ticket entirely or asking for a full refund. There are no partial refund options.

What will happened with Panel Registration and Dealer’s Den? 

All the current registration for the dealer’s den and panel are cancelled. The Thaitails staff apologizes for
any inconveniences that may occur. The registration date for our panels and dealer’s den for the next Thaitails Convention will be announced on a future date.

What will happen with the current GOH (Guest of Honor): Arashi Takemoto? 

Thaitails staff would like to extend our thanks toward Arishi Takemoto for spending his time creating artworks for us. Arashi Takemoto will still be the next GOH for the next Thaitails Convention. Please follow his art on his twitter (@arashi_takemoto) and website.

Is the next Thaitails Convention’s theme still “Siam Sawasdee” ?

Thaitails Convention’s theme is still “Siam Sawasdee”. We hope that you will enjoy our choice of theme and cannot wait to show you how we will try to bring this theme to life.

What will happened with Thaitails Convention? 

Our staffs will dedicated Thaitails event to provide entertainment to attendees. We promise that we will comeback 
when the situation is safety enough for everyone to travel. We will announce the details as soon as possible.

What can we help support Thaitails?

We are deeply thank you for waiting the next Tailtails event. Thank you for believe in us and Thatails convention. Everyone proved how great furry fandom with your understanding and empathy. We would like to express our gratitude for your enthusiasm in helping us. If you would like to donate your registration ticket fee for supporting us and helping our cause, we appreciated for your kindness. We promised we will bring Thaitails Convention and hopefully entertain you more in the future.